Police in Philly, Bucks County investigate car break-ins

Over the past few days, a number of cars have been broken into in the East Falls section of Philadelphia and Bucks County, authorities said.

Video Transcript

- Pricey crimes of opportunity hitting people in the city of Philadelphia and in the suburbs.

- That's right. Over the past few days a number of cars have been broken into both in East Falls and in Bucks County.

- Action News reporter Katie Katro has more on these smash and grabs.

KATIE KATRO: Many residents we're speaking with say they're feeling on edge to park right outside of where they live after their cars were broken into over the weekend.

NATZARY CASTANEDA: I'm so angry about it.

KATIE KATRO: Over the weekend, Natzary Castaneda says her two car windows were smashed in East Falls on the 4100 block of Ridge Avenue. But all the was taken were a couple of quarters. Now it's going to cost her a couple hundred dollars to fix her car. And she's missing out on a whole day of work.

NATZARY CASTANEDA: All the money I made last week is basically getting put into my car right now.

KATIE KATRO: Another resident in her apartment complex says his window was smashed too, though nothing was stolen.

NATHAN WARONKER: I had to use a trash bag to keep the rain out.

KATIE KATRO: The manager of Jack's Auto Glass in South Philadelphia says he's seeing an increase in repairs for car break ins as the weather is getting warmer.

ADAM RUSSO: A lot of people come in. They're frustrated. They wake up in the morning and they go out there and they see their car broken into.

KATIE KATRO: And it's not just happening in Philadelphia. Over the weekend in Lower Mayfield Township police caught this man on surveillance video getting away with a bag of spare change they say he stole from breaking into cars.

KEN COLUZZI: Warmer weather does bring more crime. You have more cars possibly left open, windows down.

KATIE KATRO: Philadelphia police say they're investigating what happened in East Falls over the weekend.

Reporting in East Falls, Katie Katro, Channel 6 Action News.