Police Raid London Nail Salon and Customers Suspected of Breaching Lockdown Rules

Body-worn footage shared by police shows a home-based nail salon owner and customers being fined after being caught breaking lockdown rules in London on January 18.

The Metropolitan Police said the owner of the salon was facing a £1,000 fine for remaining open during the nationwide lockdown, with the two customers also facing £200 fines.

In the video police can be heard asking, “You alright? We’re [that is, you are] not meant to be operating, are we?”, to which one person replies, “I thought we could do it like this, because they’re [working] from home.”

Under the lockdown rules imposed by the UK government, people may not leave home “except where necessary”, such as to buy groceries. Most retailers must stay closed, including nail salons. Credit: Metropolitan Police via Storyful