Police Say There Has Been Recent Increase Of Home Invasions In Canton, Other Southeast Baltimore Neighborhoods

Baltimore City Police say there has been an increase of home invasions in Canton and other southeast Baltimore neighborhoods.

Video Transcript

- Well, new concern tonight in Canton. There's been a recent spike in home invasions there, and police say a group is terrorizing the neighborhood, breaking into homes and holding people at gunpoint for car keys. WJZ is live tonight. New at 7:00 for you, Kelsey Kushner spoke with neighbors. Kelsey.

KELSEY KUSHNER: Nicole, yeah. Well, police say that they have received a number of reports from neighbors about this group of teenagers who are breaking into their homes either through doors or windows. And tonight neighbors say it's unsettling.

Caught on camera, a group of teenagers trying to break into homes in Southeast Baltimore, terrorizing neighbors and stealing cars.

- These guys are checking doors and windows and if it's not locked they'll cut a screen, or they'll just open the door and then they'll work their way in.

KELSEY KUSHNER: Baltimore City Police say in the first two weeks of March there were at least four reported home invasions in Southeast Baltimore, including Brewers Hill, Canton, and Upper Fells. The teens, armed with guns and knives, entered homes in the early morning hours while homeowners were sleeping. They then stole money, cars, and electronics. Victims say in three cases they woke up and tried to stop them but the suspects held them at knifepoint. Another victim reported being held at gunpoint.

- I think that it's unsettling. It feels very violating for neighbors. Obviously your home is your castle for most people, and it's a safe place for you to be.

KELSEY KUSHNER: Now I'm told that two out of four of those teenagers have been arrested. Police, of course, are reminding people to always make sure that your doors are locked and your windows are closed.

Reporting live at 7:00, Kelsey Kushner for WJZ.