Police recover family’s car stolen from Seattle Children’s Hospital as child recovered from surgery

Seattle police announced Saturday that they have recovered a vehicle that was stolen from a family while their 1-year-old child was recovering from brain surgery at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

The car was stolen on Oct. 28 at around 8 p.m. from one of the parking garages at the hospital.

“We just happened to be dealing with our 1-year-old going through brain surgery, which was terrifying enough,” said Cali Fager early last week. “Just to take a car from anywhere, let alone a children’s hospital, one of the hospitals that helps so many children, it’s just completely disgusting and horrible.”

Her son, William, underwent brain surgery that morning.

The Seattle Police Department says the vehicle was found during a stolen vehicle recovery operation on Friday.

Shortly after officers located a vehicle they believed to be stolen, the driver of that vehicle erratically drove away before stopping in a parking lot in Queen Anne.

Uniformed officers were moving in to investigate the vehicle when the suspect put the vehicle in drive and attempted to push his way through two patrol cars.

The driver then exited the car and attempted to run away on foot, but he was quickly arrested by police without further incident.

Police later determined that this vehicle was the same one that was recently stolen from the Fager family.

In addition to recovering the stolen vehicle, police say they also located two loaded firearms — one of which was stolen — methamphetamine, fentanyl, cocaine, marijuana and $8,000 in cash.

William has since returned home from the hospital, according to a GoFundMe set up for the Fager family, which has raised more than $30,000 as of Sunday morning.