Police report no foul play in Wednesday death

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Sep. 7—THOMASVILLE — Boston Police reported no foul play in the Wednesday September 1 death as the investigation continues.

As previously reported, termite inspector Randy Blankenship was pronounced dead at a South Main Street residence after his supervisor found him under the house unresponsive.

The 50-year-old victim was out completing a house call and was reported to be gone for more than three hours.

The Thomas County Building Inspections Department inspected the wiring under the residence where the victim was found and have found faulty wiring, police said.

"There were some exposed wire that were up against the air conditioning duct and that caused the bare slot and that's in conjunction with a faulty outlet and what lead to the duct work being energized, which ultimately led to the accident that caused the death of the victim." Boston Police Chief Charles Pettus said.

Police are still waiting on the toxicology report and the autopsy report to confirm the accidental death.

"At this time, it is indicative that it was an accident and there was no foul play involved," Pettus said.

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