Police responding to family disturbance fatally shoot man when he lunges at them with samurai sword


Police responding to family disturbance fatally shoot man when he lunges at them with samurai sword originally appeared on abcnews.go.com

Police officers responding to a disturbance at a home on Long Island, New York, fatally shot a man who lunged at them with a samurai sword, according to authorities.

Officers arriving Friday night at the home in Oceanside found a 36-year-old man in an altercation with his father, reported ABC station WABC.

Police said the father was forced to called 911 after the son threatened the family.

PHOTO: A police officer removes a samurai sword from a Long Island, New York, home after police fatally shot a man who confronted them with the weapon Friday. (WABC)

"Two of our police officers arrived here, responded inside the residence," Nassau County Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder told WABC. "The son was very distraught. He had knives in his hand, he then dropped those knives and picked up a samurai sword."

"The officers instructed him to drop it, they said it several times," Ryder said. "He then lunged at the officers and the officers fired shots."

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A neighbor told WABC that the family had tried for years to help the son's emotional issues.

"The father is just decimated. It's terrible," neighbor Brian McShane told WABC. "Tragedy all around, really, for the family. Good people. And really just a disturbed boy."

McShane said the son had been "acting erratic the past couple of days. He went to attack his sister and then everything went to hell."

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Ryder said that after the shooting, the officers performed CPR on the son and rushed him to the hospital, but he they couldn't save his life.

"The dad was very supportive, understood and actually said the officers did everything they could," Ryder said.

The two responding officers were hospitalized for trauma, WABC reported.