Police: Road rage confrontation preceded downtown shooting

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Jul. 18—The life-threatening shooting this past weekend in the heart of downtown Manchester started a few blocks away as a road-rage confrontation, according to police.

A car reportedly cut off another vehicle on Maple Street Saturday, prompting drivers of both cars to exchange obscenities and then turn west on Bridge Street, police said in an arrest affidavit filed in Hillsborough County Superior Court.

The shooting took place about 8:30 p.m. Saturday at Bridge and Elm streets. A bullet entered the back of the driver of the car that supposedly cut off the other car. Court papers identify the victim with his initials, E.O., and say he is 25.

The bullet severed E.O.'s iliac artery, which delivers blood to the lower extremities of the body, police said. The round traveled through his stomach and wedged in his left thigh.

After getting hit, E.O. drove himself across the bridge to Catholic Medical Center. The affidavit said the injuries were life threatening and that he was listed in stable condition.

He and his friend had attended a gender-reveal party shortly before the shooting.

Jean Carlo Medina Correa, 28, of 360 Spruce St., ischarged with first-degree assault and reckless conduct. During an arraignment on Monday, Superior Court Judge Will Delker ordered Correa jailed on preventive detention. Delker scheduled an evidentiary hearing for Aug. 5.

His public defender, Alexandra Fernandez, said she had nothing to say about the case.

According to police, a passenger in E.O.'s car said they merged into a left lane on Maple Street, cutting off Correa. Both drivers yelled obscenities and turned their cars west on Bridge Street. At the Elm Street traffic light, Correa positioned his car to turn north up Elm Street, they said.

Once E.O.'s car pulled forward, the passenger heard two or three gunshots and E.O. said he was hit.

Later that night, Correa appeared at the Manchester police station and reported a road rage incident involving guns, but made no mention of gunfire. The following day, he came in for an interview, and claimed that the driver of the other car approached him displaying a gun.

The driver did not point the gun at Correa, Correa told police. The traffic light changed, and both turned west. Police said it is clear he followed E.O.'s car.

"Jean had numerous opportunities to pull over, or change his route, but he continued to follow the victim vehicle and went so far as to take out his firearm and place it in his lap while driving," police wrote.

Police said a witness called 911, followed Correa's vehicle and captured the incident on a dash-camera.