Police rule out ‘red Mustang’ Idaho murders conspiracy theory rampant on Reddit

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The Moscow Police Department has refuted a conspiracy theory regarding a red Mustang in the Idaho murders case even as they scrambled for more clues.

In a statement, the Moscow police department said “there have been online reports of a red Mustang on S Deakin St being processed as part of the investigation” but “this case is not related” to the ongoing murder investigation”.

The mystery of the four murders on 13 November in which Ethan Chapin, 20, Xana Kernodle, 20, Madison Mogen, 21, and Kaylee Gonsalves, 21, were brutally killed has baffled not just the police but internet sleuths as well.

After cops failed to identify a suspect or locate the murder weapon, speculations were rife on social media, with the latest being one about a red Mustang.

One of the users on Twitter shared a photo of the car with a Reddit screenshot that read: “Yesterday [25 November] I took a screenshot from the Idaho murder Facebook group of what appears to be a red Mustang convertible being searched by a forensics team.”

It added: “The original image and thread were removed from the FB group due to disagreements on whether or not the image showed a forensics team or a group of people fixing the car.”

The user continued: “Below is the bit of information I picked up from the post: image was posted by someone in the area, location of the vehicle is on S Deakin St (less than a mile from the house), the bumper appears to be removed.”

Then, Michael Ruiz, investigative journalist for Fox News Digital tweeted saying: “#Idaho police acknowledged searching the red Mustang and say it has not brought them any closer to a suspect. It was not towed away. They are ‘continuing to follow any/all possible leads.’ Keep the tips coming.”

The post on Reddit further stated an update saying: “It was pointed out in this thread that the tail lights of a vehicle seen in the windows of a local business in the twitch video looked similar to a Mustang (if you scroll through the post you will see a picture posted in the thread of the tail lights). Adding a link to the sub discussing the twitch video and the tail lights (link is also posted in the thread) a local in the sub confirmed the vehicle is still in the same location on 11-26-22 as of 2.46pm PST and that the car has a Boise Idaho plate.”

However, many also raised doubts. “I don’t think this is related at all, why would they be processing a car on the side of the road without gloves on or evidence bags of any sort?”

Another said: “This is definitely a forensic team and not a bunch of mechanics.”

But the Moscow police put all these speculations and conspiracy theories to rest by refuting that the red Mustang had anything to do with the ongoing investigation.