Police Rush Crowd on Sidewalk During Second Night of Protests Over Police Shooting of Walter Wallace Jr.

Police were seen rushing individuals on the sidewalk in West Philadelphia on October 27, as protesters took to the streets one day after the officer-involved fatal shooting of Walter Wallace Jr.

A protest march from Malcolm X Park in West Philadelphia attracted hundreds, who marched to the local police department calling for justice for Wallace Jr with chants including, “Say his name”.

Philadelphia Police have launched an investigation into the shooting. Local media citing officials reported the incident occurred on October 26, after officers responded to a domestic incident on the 6100 block of Locust Street and encountered a man with a knife.

The shooting sparked protests across the city, with looting also reported on the nights of October 26 and 27.

Police said 30 officers were injured in the protests, including a female officer whose leg was broken when she was struck by a vehicle. Credit: brittany_says via Storyful