Police search for suspect after deadly shooting at NY grocery store

The attack unfolded shortly after 11 a.m. in the second-floor manager's office at a Stop & Shop store in West Hempstead, said Nassau County Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder.

The suspect, who was dressed in all black, was identified by police as Gabriel DeWitt Wilson, 31, of Hempstead and Long Beach, New York. He is either a current or former employee of the Stop & Shop, Ryder said.

"He did have a small handgun," Ryder said. "We don't know the reason for the shooting."

Witnesses interviewed on local media reported hearing at least six shots. Some witnesses reported to news crews that the suspect may have jumped onto a bus to escape, but police could not confirm that account.

Video Transcript

- At approximately 11:19 this morning, at the Stop & Shop at the 50 Cherry Valley Avenue here in West Hempstead, there was an active shooter. Right at this time, we have one subject that has been killed and two others that have been wounded.

We do have a person of interest-- a person of interest. His name is Gabriel DeWitt Wilson. This is the best picture I can give you right now is on my phone. Gabriel DeWitt Wilson-- date of birth 2/17/1990.

He's got Long Beach and Hempstead addresses. He was or may still be an employee of the Stop & Shop. We're not sure. We're trying to confirm that now.

He is a male, Black. He is 6 foot 2. He is approximately 30 years of age. He's wearing a black baseball hat, a black sweatshirt, and he was last seen westbound here on the turnpike.

We have over 150 assets out here right now looking for Mr. DeWitt to question him about the events that occurred here today. He did have a small handgun. That is what the witnesses have given to us. And again, we're out there looking for him now.

So the investigation is ongoing. We don't know the reason for the shooting. We know that he did shoot one of the employees and kill them and two that are wounded.

- Where did the shooting happen in the store?

- So the shooting happened upstairs in the manager's office, in the upstairs office area.

- Were all three there?