Police seek suspects in Duncanville shooting; family says victim was targeted after cashing check

DUNCANVILLE, Texas - Duncanville police are working to identify the gunmen who targeted a 34-year-old man outside his own home.

The shooting happened early Friday evening as Sebastian Avila pulled up outside his home on Linkwood Drive after cashing his paycheck.

Family members said they believe two armed suspects followed him from the bank and tried to rob him.

Shots were fired and Avila was hit twice in the back.

"It just happened so quick, we didn’t know how to handle everything," Avila’s cousin, Jennie Avila, said.

Avila’s family said security video with FOX 4 that shows the two suspects in hoodies and masks walking through the front yard.

"You could hear him telling him, ‘Where’s the money at?’ Meaning that they knew exactly what they had, meaning that they had just cashed their checks," Avila’s cousin recalled.

They said the suspects ran away after the shooting. Avila’s brother tried to catch them in his truck but couldn’t.

A Good Samaritan helped Avila until police and EMTs got there.

He was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

His family said the shooting damaged his lungs and liver.

"He’s in the hospital with part of his lung had to be taken away, liver damage. You just need to be aware of your surroundings," Avila’s cousin said. "It has impacted everybody."

Duncanville police said they are looking for two suspects in a red or dark-colored Dodge Challenger.

They are reviewing the family’s security video and asking for tips from the public.

Anyone with information is asked to call Det. Kyle Welling at 972-707-3831.

Avila’s family wants to raise awareness so that no other families have to experience what they are going through.

"If you feel you’re getting followed, do not get into your driveway, do a couple of turns, just please be aware of your surroundings," Avila’s cousin said. "There’s been robberies, but never any violence like this. It’s just very sad and scary. Especially with all the young kids living there. That’s where you’re supposed to feel safe."

Avila has a 1-month-old baby at home.