Police seize over 120 edible THC products from NC convenience stores

Police in North Carolina are sending a warning to parents after detectives confiscated counterfeit candy that contained THC from convenience stores.

The Roxboro Police Department said during its “Operation Sweet Tooth” campaign that 126 of the items confiscated were edible THC, WTVD reported. More than 140 items violated copyright laws and counterfeit marks laws.

Chief of Police David Hess said the store owners involved will not be facing any charges, citing they were unaware of the items’ counterfeit nature.

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Items that were seized from the stores included Madison Smoke & Vape, Roxboro Tobacco & Vape, M&A1 and Fuel Time Convenience, according to police.

“I think what we learn from this investigation is criminals will go to any lengths to try and duplicate common goods that consumers use,” Hess said. “And targeting our children is very dangerous. Try to avoid commercial products and go into places that you’re not familiar with where the candies may come from.”

“This investigation led by Lt. Williams was a proactive approach to get these items out of stores in order to keep them out of hands of children who may have believed that they were candy,” Roxboro police said.

With Halloween on the horizon, an expert says it is unlikely drugs will get into kids’ treat-or-treat bags.

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“Drugs cost money,” UNC Senior scientist Nabarun Dasgupta told WTVD. “You’re not seeing people throw $50 and $100 bills in trick-or-treat bags. Most kids of trick-or-treating age don’t have the kind of cash flow that would make them attractive customers.

They are ways to help your child safe.

“There are risks that parents should be addressing, like ensuring there are reflective elements in costumes to avoid cars on dark streets,” Dasgupta said. “Not eating unwrapped candy is good practice in general.”

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