Police Shoot Allegedly Armed Man In Westlake District

An investigation was underway Friday after officers with the Los Angeles Police Department shot an allegedly armed man in the Westlake District.

Video Transcript

- And we have more breaking news to tell you about right now, an officer involved shooting in the Westlake district.

- Let's go back up to Desmond Shaw, live in Sky 9 for us, Desmond.

DESMOND SHAW: Yeah, Juan and Susie, this is a pretty crazy one here. LAPD responded to a man walking around near Bonnie Brae Street. We're just East of MacArthur Park in the Westlake district, and they responded to someone walking around with a hammer and an ax. When they got to the scene there was an altercation between officers and that suspect. The suspect was shot. I believe he was transported to the hospital in unknown condition. And all officers accounted for nobody injured, but it's always triggers a really big investigation, looks like taking place in front of this church on Bonnie Brae near 6th Street in the Westlake district. Juan and Susie, back to you in the studio.

- All right, Desmond.