Police In Standoff With Woman After Reported Shootout At MacArthur Park

Officers Friday were in a standoff with a woman after reportedly exchanging gunfire with her at MacArthur Park.

Video Transcript

- Breaking news happening in MacArthur Park, where police are in a standoff with a woman after an officer-involved shooting.

- Yeah, that suspect is the woman you see inside the lake right now. Desmond Shaw live over the scene in Sky 9 to tell us more now. Desmond.

DESMOND SHAW: Juan and Susie, maybe the strangest standoff I've ever seen. And it all started with reports of a woman with a gun near MacArthur Park, right around Wilshire and Alvarado. When LAPD responded, shots were exchanged between the officers and the suspect.

Nobody was hit. All officers are accounted for. Nobody is injured. It appears the woman is OK.

But then she jumped into the lake, swam out to this island in the middle of the lake. And she's been kind of in and out of the water. At one point, she was harassing the ducks and geese, throwing rocks at them. She didn't hit any of the animals, so they're OK.

But she's just out here. And LAPD, while they have the entire park shut down, they are standing by in the area. They are crafting a plan to eventually try to peacefully apprehend this suspect. They don't want to give away their tactics right now, but they are trying to concoct something right now that could bring this to a peaceful conclusion.

But at the moment, just a very, very weird situation here in MacArthur Park. Live in Sky 9 overhead, I'm Desmond Shaw. Juan and Susie, back to you in the studio.

- All right, Desmond, thank you.