Police Still Searching For Answers Following Deaths Of 2 Twins Boys Back In November

The incident happened in the Claremont section of the Bronx. CBS2's Nick Caloway has the latest on the investigation.

Video Transcript

- The deaths of two baby boys in the Bronx last year are now being ruled as homicides, but what led up to their deaths still remains a mystery. CBS News Nick Caloway has the story.

NICK CALOWAY: The two baby boys were found dead on November 9th of last year behind this apartment building on College Avenue near East 171 Street. They were discovered by the building's superintendent. Police say the boys were newborn identical twins. They were found naked, wrapped in paper bags.

LT. WILLIAM O'TOOLE: The mother of these two infants was pregnant. The babies were full term babies, so someone has to know something.

NICK CALOWAY: The medical examiner says the cause of death for both-- blunt force trauma to the skull. Homicide detectives tell me one of those baby boys was found here in the side alley where all that trash is. The other was found here in the rear alley. There are surveillance cameras on the property, but they don't show who dumped those bodies. After five months of exhaustive investigation, no witnesses have come forward. Police are pleading with the public for help. Crime Stoppers has increased its reward for information to $10,000.

- It breaks my heart. It's so painful.

NICK CALOWAY: Months later, neighbors are still devastated by the tragedy.

- How can anybody do that to the kids?

JESSICA RAMOS: It had to be the mother or the father.

NICK CALOWAY: Jessica Ramos' apartment faces the back alley.

JESSICA RAMOS: I do have a view of the alleyway, but I didn't see anything, so, but it was a very horrible moment.

NICK CALOWAY: In front of the building, two small blue teddy bears remain-- a tribute to the tiny lives taken too soon. In the Claremont's section of the Bronx, Nick Caloway, CBS 2 News.