Police stop stolen truck with 'explosive-type' items inside

Police said the substances were breakable glass bottles containing flammable substances like gas, alcohol or other mixtures.

Video Transcript

MIYA SHEA: This happened really just after midnight this morning, and what Tomball police tell us happened was the man, the suspect in question, Lakent Daniels, was driving a stolen pickup truck that had a U-Haul logo on it along this road. But apparently he didn't have his lights on, so he was pulled over right here at this gas station for not having lights on.

It is when he was pulled over here at the gas station, where investigators apparently discovered some materials related to Molotov cocktails in the pickup truck. We're not sure exactly how many Molotov cocktail making material, or how much they actually found.

We do know that as standard procedure goes, Tomball police did notify the FBI, but Tomball police is the lead. And law enforcement sources tell us they do not believe this is anything beyond just a man who allegedly drove a stolen truck and possibly had some alleged Molotov cocktail materials in that truck.

Lakent Daniels is scheduled to go to probable cause court downtown at the Harris County jail, scheduled for 10:00 tonight. And as soon as he goes through a probable cause court, we of course will have the latest information on what happens there.

Again, the actual pulling over took place right here at this gas station. Happened around 12:30 this morning. Daniels is in jail right now, is scheduled to go to court for his first appearance later on tonight. For now we're live in Tomball Miya Shea, ABC13, eyewitness news.