Police: Truck drives with ‘person being dragged underneath’

A man unknowingly dragged a woman underneath his truck while driving down a Riverside street Sunday overnight, according to the official police report.

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New Center 7 previously reported that Riverside Police were called to the 2600 block of Valley Pike, near Christy Club, at around 2:30 a.m. after receiving reports of a truck hitting a pedestrian, Huber Heights City Dispatch, who also dispatches for the city of Riverside, stated. However, the status of the victim and the cause of the incident were unknown at the time.

After reaching out to the department, News Center 7 obtained the police report which clarified the events leading up to the incident and the ending result for the victim and driver.

Riverside and Dayton Police were at Christy Club’s parking lot for a shots fired call.

When police were investigating the scene, an officer heard “yelling and screaming down the roadway,” they wrote in their report. The officer responded to the shouting and observed a “Dodge Ram truck travelling eastbound” with a “person being dragged underneath.”

“I also heard loud banging where the person that was being dragged was striking the side of the truck,” the officer said.

Police immediately pulled the truck over near the intersection of Hypathia Avenue and Valley Pike, about 370 feet from Christy Club.

The woman had visible facial injuries, including a “knot on her head,” the officer stated. It appeared that the woman suffered the injuries when she let go of the truck and “went tumbling into the roadway and grass.”

When police questioned the victim, the woman stated that she grabbed onto the side of the truck when the vehicle pulled away after an argument with the driver. The driver was unaware that the woman held onto his car until he heard her “thumping,” another officer reported. He pulled over as soon as he realized.

“He did not intentionally drag her down the street,” the driver told the officer.

Authorities did not report that the woman suffered any critical injuries.

Upon initial statements, the driver and the victim were involved, possibly sharing a child together.

Since officers did not observe the truck running over the woman, they did not charge the driver with related crimes.

However, the driver was arrested for “operating a motor vehicle under the influence (OVI)” and driving with a suspended license.