Police: Victims In Shooting At Orange Business Park All Had Ties To Suspect, Not A Random Act

A shooting at a business park in the city of Orange that left four people dead - including a 9-year-old boy - was not a random act of violence, police said Thursday.

Video Transcript

- That include a young boy, and one survivor is still fighting for her life. KCAL9's Rick Montanez is live with more. Rick.

RICK MONTANEZ: And Juan, I've have been talking with relatives of the shooting victims all throughout the day. They're not yet ready to share information about their loved ones because they're still waiting for official word from investigators about exactly what happened in the office building behind us. But we just learned, about an hour ago, that the surviving victim is in critical condition on life support. I'm told she was shot twice in the head and her family still hopes she survives.

A horrific attack inside this office building in Orange. The people targeted in the mass shooting worked at Unified Homes. It appears to be a family run real estate business. Its website says, Unified Homes specializes in buying, selling, or remodeling mobile homes. The company opened in 2006. The shooting happened around 5:30 yesterday on the second floor of the office park.

Four people died in this shooting, including a nine-year-old boy. Relatives of the victims say they're not sure what happened or why someone would come to the office with a violent plan of attack. Right now, they're still waiting to hear the tragic details from investigators. The fifth victim, the surviving victim, was shot in the head. She wasn't identified to family members until this afternoon. We're told she's a long time agent at Unified Homes and a relative of the other victims.

Orange police say the suspected gunman, Aminadab Gaxiola Gonzalez, a 44-year-old man last known to live in Fullerton. The victim's family says Gonzalez was, at one time, married to a woman who worked as an agent at Unified Homes. She left the business several years ago, and they still cannot think of why he would, as police said, show up and target the office.

And about an hour ago, investigators announced that they are still working to make positive identification for the people killed in that mass shooting, so the family is still waiting to hear that. I've also talked with customers from Unified Homes, people who tell me that they purchased their home through the people who work in that office, and of course, they say they're heartbroken to hear about what happened. And we'll have more information as soon as we learn it. We're live in Orange, Rick Montanez, KCAL9 News.

Heartbreaking for sure, Rick. Thank you. Stay with KCAL9 News and KCAL9.COM for the very latest on the deadly mass shooting in Orange. You can also download our CBS Los Angeles app for updates.