Police Video Shows Officers Saving Girl From Dog Attack [VIDEO]

Police Video Shows Officers Saving Girl From Dog Attack [VIDEO]

Dashboard camera footage from a Cincinnati, Ohio, police cruiser shows how officers reacted to a little girl being attacked by two pit bulls.

The video shows the officers pull up to the scene of the attack where 6 year-old Zaniabou Drame was being mauled by the dogs.

Four officers scrambled from two cruises, stirring the pair of dogs from their attack on Drame, who is in a medically-induced coma and in critical but stable condition, according to WLWT.

The dramatic footage shows the officers firing on the dogs, killing both.

A 911 call made during the attack reveals more gruesome details.

“They’re slinging her all over the street,” the female caller says.

She said that a neighbor was using a pole to get one of the dogs to release Drame, but the animal had her by the face.

“There’s blood all over,” said the caller, who added that a third dog was chasing neighbors down the street.

“The dog had her by the face so the dog pulled her skin off, they broke her jaw, her tongue is gone,” Leslie McElrath Jr., the girl’s grandfather, told WLWT.

“The image I will never get out of my head which was the child’s head was in the mouth of the brown dog and he was thrashing his head back and forth,” said Kyle Strunk, one of the officers on the scene.

Charges may be filed against the dogs’ owners, depending upon Drame’s recovery.

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Police Video Shows Officers Saving Girl From Dog Attack [VIDEO]

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