Polish aid volunteers wounded by Russian shelling, one in serious condition

Destroyed car in Donetsk Oblast
Destroyed car in Donetsk Oblast

One of the Poles is in a serious condition.

The Polish news outlet notes that a total of six people were wounded in the attack.

"They both live in Poznan," the statement said.

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“One of them is in a stable but serious condition. The other is in a less serious condition. We are in contact with both their families and the Polish Embassy in Kyiv.”

According to the news agency, the wounded volunteers were immediately evacuated from the shelling zone, accompanied by a Polish paramedic.

People involved in this initiative have been delivering aid to Ukraine since May 2022.

"This was our 22nd trip," the representative added.

“It was not the first time they were there either. One of them has been there since 2014, he is a very experienced person.”

The information about the wounding of the Polish volunteer aid workers was also confirmed by Polish Ambassador to Ukraine Bartosz Cichocki.

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Earlier, on Jan. 11, two Polish volunteers were reported injured near Bakhmut. They were hospitalized in the Polish city of Lublin.

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