Politicians can’t solve the Brexit crisis, so let’s get the royal family involved


A solution to parliament’s inability to solve the Brexit crisis would be to restore the monarchy.

The talents and experience of the royals are sufficient to create a cabinet of royals; several of them have far more experience than our government ministers. Prince Charles will be ideal as secretary for the environment, food and rural affairs. “Air Miles Andy”, with his overseas experience, will be foreign secretary and will look after International Trade.

Harry will be defence secretary, backed up by Timothy Laurence. The Home Office needs a safe pair of hands and Anne will be ideal. Meghan will be international development secretary. The choice of secretary for digital, culture, media and sport is obviously Edward. His level-headed wife Sophie can be health secretary. Kate will be business secretary with the Middleton family as ministers of state. Fergie knows something about real estate, so will be housing secretary.

Camilla frequently visits schools so will be in charge of education. This leaves William, who will be either chancellor or justice secretary. But have we forgotten anybody? Yes, Philip, who will be transport secretary... no, only joking; pensions minister, perhaps. So there you have it – the ideal cabinet. This leaves the Queen, who will still be simply the Queen. To settle the Brexit question, she alone will have the final say and no nonsense.

Alan Paul
London SW19

Donald Trump, mind your own

Is it too much to hope that a member of our pusillanimous government might tell Donald Trump to mind his own business?

Perhaps he should be sent a (long) list of the mayors of US cities where mass shootings have taken place.

Anthony Ingleton

So, Donald Trump has tweeted that London needs a new mayor following recent stabbings in London. First, clean up your own country, Mr Trump. In 2017, 39,773 people lost their lives at the point of a gun in the USA. America needs a new president ASAP. Trump is a is a disaster – will only get worse!

Jo Wild
Address supplied

Hard hats at mass

With priests wearing hard hats in Notre Dame, will the Catholic Church relax the ban on men wearing hats at mass?

My bald head suffers in the temperatures of England, let alone central Europe.

Clerical advice is that the only acceptable covering is a wig, but my wife has vetoed the idea on aesthetic grounds.

John Doherty

Chuka could win a general election

Why not Chuka Umunna for PM? He represents all I have ever stood for, he captures the mood of the country perfectly and he can lead a loyal group of politicians. What’s not to like?

Clive Firman​

The Brexit Party threat won’t work

Boris Johnson appears to think that the threat of the Brexit Party will persuade the EU to renegotiate a deal.

Surely this overlooks the sole advantage of a no-deal exit – that the 29 Brexit MEPs will lose their seats in Strasbourg. Why should that scare the EU?

Shane Malhotra
Maidstone, Kent