The Politicization of Russia Policy Is a Massive Mistake

Daniel R. DePetris

If you thought stories about Russian interference in U.S. elections would taper off after Special Counsel Robert Mueller completed his two-year investigation and delivered his final report to Congress, you were sorely mistaken. We now have another controversy on our hands, this time concerning the vote this November.

Yesterday evening, news of a contentious House Intelligence Committee briefing landed on the front pages. According to reports, an intelligence briefer told lawmakers that Russia was rooting for President Donald Trump to win re-election. When Trump learned about the assessment from ranking member Devin Nunes, he erupted at acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire for letting the briefing happen and was especially upset that Adam Schiff, the chairman of the committee, was listening in. Maguire was given a stern lecture from the president and was essentially dismissed on the spot. U.S. ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell will now serve as Maguire’s replacement in an acting capacity.

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