Poll: Number of Americans identifying as Democrat the highest since 2012

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Rebecca Falconer
·1 min read
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More American adults identify as Democrat than Republican, according to a Gallup poll published on Wednesday.

Why it matters: "The nine-percentage-point Democratic advantage is the largest Gallup has measured since the fourth quarter of 2012," when former President Obama was re-elected, per a Gallup statement.

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Image: Gallup

By the numbers: 49% of the 3,960 people aged 18 and older surveyed from January-March identified with the Democratic Party or said they're independents who lean toward the Democratic Party.

  • 40% identified as Republicans or Republican leaners.

  • 11% said they're independents with no partisan leanings.

Context: Gallup noted in its statement that the latest figures were measured as COVID-19 deaths and infections declined from their January peak and as President Biden was inaugurated "despite rioters' attempts on Jan. 6 to disrupt the certification of his victory in the 2020 election."

For the record: Democrats have enjoyed double-digit advantages "throughout most of 2006 through early 2009" — a period encompassing the end of former President George W. Bush's administration and Obama's first election win.

  • "The party also had double-digit advantages around the time of Bill Clinton's election as president in late 1992 and early 1993," Gallup noted.

  • The latest poll's margin of error was plus or minus 2 percentage points.

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