Poll reveals 65% of Europeans support sanctions against Russia and arms supply to Ukraine

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Most Europeans support sanctions against Russia
Most Europeans support sanctions against Russia

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The most widely endorsed measure remains economic sanctions against the Russian Federation, with 74% of Europeans expressing their support for their implementation. In western Germany, this figure rises to 79%, while in eastern Germany it stands at 53%.

A similar picture emerges with the supply of weapons and other military aid to Ukraine. They are supported by 65% of Europeans and 69% of western German residents. In the eastern part of the Federal Republic of Germany, 55% of respondents oppose the supply of weapons to Ukraine.

The levels of approval for providing humanitarian aid are notably higher than those for military aid. Specifically, 92% of respondents expressed their support for providing humanitarian aid to war victims in Germany, with no significant variation between eastern and western Germany.

The head of the European Commission’s representation in Germany, Jörg Wojahn, believes the EU’s stance on Russia’s aggressive war against Ukraine has been largely validated.

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“Overall, the majority of Europeans remain behind the clear course that the European Commission and the Member States are driving: money and humanitarian aid for those of Russia attacked Ukraine, taking in refugees – we see a lot of approval ratings there,” Wojahn said.

The survey was conducted from Jan. 12 to Feb. 6 in EU countries and 12 countries outside the European Union.

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