Poll says roughly one-quarter of Americans agree with Kari Lake on secession

Failed governor candidate and now U.S. Senate candidate Republican Kari Lake
Failed governor candidate and now U.S. Senate candidate Republican Kari Lake
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I finally have an answer to a question that many individuals from Arizona and around the country have asked me during the past couple of years.

It is: Roughly 25%.

The question being: How many Americans do you figure are as wacky as Kari Lake?

It turns out there was a survey for that.

Lake wanted to 'fire the federal government'

A few years back, when federal law enforcement officials entered Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago to retrieve highly classified documents the former president had stacked in boxes and stashed in a restroom, next to the toilet, Kari Lake went ballistic.

The former TV news reader and failed governor candidate (now running for U.S. Senate) issued a statement reading in part that “this is one of the darkest days in American history: the day our Government, originally created by the people, turned against us.”

And she was just getting warmed up.

Lake continued, “If we accept it, America is dead … We will not accept it.

“The 10th Amendment can and will save our Republic and the road to stripping the Feds of power travels right through Arizona.

“We must fire the Federal Government.”

In other words, secede from the union.

Kooky, right?

Now, Kari Lake calls herself a 'uniter'

Even more puzzling these days is how someone wanting to “fire the federal government” is not only seeking election to a federal office but — after threatening to carve up the union into little pieces — calling herself a “uniter.”

We’ll leave the unpacking of that to the combined diagnostic skills of qualified political analysts and mental health professionals.

In the meantime, the nice folks at YouGov decided to find out how many of us, like Lake, think seceding from the union is a good idea. YouGov, based in Great Britain but with offices all over, describes itself as an “international online research data and analytics technology group.”

It said, “Our mission is to offer unparalleled insight into what the world thinks.”

There are times — and I believe you’ll back me up on this — when those of us living in the United States would rather not know what the world thinks, or what we think of ourselves.

Poll suggests others would like to secede

In this instance, the company released a survey earlier this month saying that roughly one-fourth of Americans like the idea of secession.

In Arizona, 12% of Democrats think this is a good idea, while 23% of Republicans wouldn’t mind creating the independent nation of Arizona.

Imagine that.

Trump's private deportation army: Could invade Arizona

It is unwise for any of us to make generalities concerning the knowledge and discernment of one-quarter of our brothers and sisters but … I sometimes worry about the knowledge and discernment of one-quarter of our brothers and sisters.

Especially when you take a moment to consider the ramifications of what it would mean for a state like Arizona to, as Lake said, “fire the federal government.”

How would stand up the nation of Arizona?

First there is the money. The lion’s share of Arizona’s budget comes from the federal government. How much? The feds are expected to give Arizona roughly $38 billion — with a B — in the current budget year.

If Arizona were a nation, instead of a state, and we were to “fire the federal government,” it would mean no one in Arizona would again receive Social Security payments. And no Medicare.

There would be no federal assistance programs that help veterans, the disabled, the disadvantaged and more. No federal money to maintain and build interstate highways. No federal money to maintain dams.

Also, we could no longer count on federal assistance for operations at the airports, including the screeners from the Transportation Security Administration.

Our state universities get a lot of research funding from the federal government. Gone.

Then there are the federal facilities that would close. Things like courthouses, prisons, parks and, particularly here in Arizona, military bases that contribute so much to the economy.

We’d need to muster and pay for our own military. And, given Arizona’s geographic location, our own border patrol.

And to pay for all that — and more — we’d have to print our own money. Except, we would not have any.

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This article originally appeared on Arizona Republic: Kari Lake suggests secession, and one-quarter of Americans agree