Poll shows only 9% of Ukrainians support Pope's call to end the war at any cost

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Only about 9% of Ukrainians support the Pope's call to urgently end the war at any cost, while 34% of respondents have a negative opinion of the Pope's position on the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Source: poll conducted by the Razumkov Centre for Economic and Political Studie, a Ukrainian non-governmental public policy think tank, at the request of ZN.UA, a Ukrainian news website


Details: The poll conducted prior to President Zelenskyy’s visit to the Vatican revealed that half of the respondents either knew nothing about the Pope's position on the war in Ukraine and his attempts to reconcile the warring countries ("I know nothing about the position of Pope Francis", 36.2%) or did not attach any importance to the Pope’s position ("I do not attach importance to Francis' words about Ukraine", 14.1% of respondents).

Overall, about 34% of Ukrainians have a negative opinion of the Pope's position on the Russian-Ukrainian war: 23.8% are outraged by Pope Francis drawing equivalence between Russians and Ukrainians and considering them equally "victims of war", and another 10.3% believe that the pontiff "works for the benefit of the Kremlin".

Only 9.1% of respondents supported the Pope's desire to end the war at any cost

The study was conducted from 28 April to 3 May 2023. The face-to-face survey was conducted in the territories controlled by the government of Ukraine and in those where no hostilities are taking place. The study surveyed 2020 respondents aged 18 and over. The theoretical sampling error dis not exceed 2.3%.

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