Poll workers defend election integrity

Many workers tallying election day ballots say there were many eyes on the vote count and no evidence of fraud. (Nov. 6)

Video Transcript

HEIDI DULOM: As I called up off for my ballots, I could see the lady across from me, who happened to be a Roman Catholic nun, marking exactly who I called off. So it wasn't just me looking at something and marking it on my own, where I could have done anything I wanted. I called it off, I saw what she did. We were checking ourselves.

- What are you thinking as you look at other states and what's happening there?

HEIDI DULOM: Well, I can't be sure the way they did things in other states. But for us, we had-- we worked in pairs, which it helps the honesty right there. We had representatives from both the Republican and the Democrat party roving around, making sure we were doing things above board. We all want-- Well, we would hope that what everybody would want is their person to win honestly.

With everybody being there and being a part of it, you know, it just-- I don't see how anything-- anything could have happened that wasn't above board.

JON MARTIN: The idea that there is fraud would have been exposed with all of these eyes not only watching us here in Minneapolis, but also watching other election jurisdictions acrosss the country.