Update: Pollen count high as dry weather continues

Meteorologist Mike Haddad has a look at the weather ahead.

Video Transcript

MIKE HADDAD: Hello, everyone. Meteorologist Mike Haddad here in the Storm Watch 9 Weather Center. Dry weather does continue. A couple of problems, of course, with the dry weather. A, the pollen count remains way up there, moderate to high for the next several days.

Secondly, we are tracking the drought situation. Right now, not a major threat in the next, say, couple of weeks. However, if we do not get rain or, at least, steady rain on and off between, say, the upcoming weekend and the end of this month, early in May, we could be headed right back into a severe, even extreme, drought in parts of the state.

So those are the two issues with the dry weather. On the flip side, tough to complain about the conditions to be out and about across the Granite State. Warmer to our south and west. We do not get this warm, but temperatures inch a little bit higher, especially by the tail end of the week Friday and on into the first part of the weekend.

So hour by hour we go. We'll call it partly cloudy tonight. Overnight lows in the mid-upper 30s north to the mid 40s in southern parts of the state. Then during the daylight hours of Thursday, a blend of sun and clouds, very similar temperatures to what we had today. Mid-upper 50s at the coast. Notice the onshore wind, so cooler there. Water temperature, by the way, only in the lower half of the 40s right now. And then mid-upper 60s farther to the west.

Slightly higher temperatures. A bit more sun during the day on Friday. Upper 50s, near 60 right along the immediate coast. Inland, upper 60s to potentially very low 70s in some spots. Similar temperatures under partial sunshine to kick off the weekend on Saturday.