Polling data shows Biden could lose Michigan in 2024

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FOX 2 (WJBK) - Statewide polling data in Michigan shows President Joe Biden is behind in the swing state.

The race is 37% for Biden and 43% for former President Donald Trump.

However, the newest data shows Robert Kennedy Jr. has 8% of the Michigan vote. RFK Jr. left the Democratic Party in October to run for president as an independent candidate.

While that's not enough for RFK Jr. to win Michigan, it is enough to cost Biden the election in the state.

To win, Biden needs every Democratic vote he can muster. However, other polling data shows that young Democrats under the age of 40 are not on his side. And he only secures 7% of the independent voters; he can't win in Michigan without a larger share of them.

Moreover, Arab-Americans have also vowed to ditch Biden in 2024 for his support of Israel in its war with Hamas. There are currently 300-thousand Arab-Americans in Michigan, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Biden did visit metro Detroit on Thursday to meet with members of the United Auto Workers after the union endorsed Biden for president.

According to data being evaluated by the Biden campaign, if Trump were found guilty of a crime, 58% of voters say they wouldn't support him while 35% maintain they would still vote for him.

But the Trump legal team is doing all it can to avoid any judicial decisions on his conduct until after the election.

Both Trump and Biden have unfavorable ratings under 50% – 44% for Trump, and 39% for Biden.

Approximately 6% of voters are still undecided; 3% simply say they will not vote.