Poly Tech Talent Challenges Old-School Commission-Based Recruitment Industry With a Made for SMB Flat-Fee Model

Poly Tech Talent is Disrupting the $9.1 Billion Dollar Recruitment Industry in Canada with a Ground-Breaking Approach and Service Offering for Permanent Hires.

TORONTO, Jan. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Poly Tech Talent (Poly) today announced the official launch of its FlatFee IT service. Poly is flipping the traditional recruitment model on its head by offering flat fee professional recruiting services. Conventional recruitment firms are commission based, and don't get paid until one of their candidates are hired – which averages out to about one-in-four times. Virginia Poly, President and Founder of Poly Tech Talent explains, "The traditional contingency model inevitably forces recruitment firms to focus more on speed than accuracy, which leads to recruiters throwing piles of resumes into the mix hoping one sticks. And, because they take on all the risk, they charge accordingly, typically between 15-25% of an employee's annual salary for the first year."

With today's announcement, Poly is challenging the outdated contingency model by offering flat fee professional recruitment services. With its new approach, Poly will help employers:

  • Find the right talent
  • Create a plan for retaining their new hires
  • Control expenses
  • Ultimately save 50-70% in recruitment-based fees

The unique partnership model offered by Poly allows its highly trained staff of professional recruiters to focus their attention on finding the best possible candidates for the job, while ensuring a smooth hiring process for their clients.

"We see the value in a partnership approach, and we're putting our money where our mouth is," explains Virginia. "We work with our clients to fill a role from start to finish and everything in between."

In today's tight labour market, employers are struggling with filling roles and retaining top talent – an issue that's felt acutely by small and medium sized businesses (SMBs). SMBs also face issues like limited resources, and competition from large businesses with more attractive brands and salary packages. While some SMBs simply bring recruitment in-house, it's incredibly time consuming and expensive. Others may use agencies but come up against high costs in a contingency model that's designed for large business. Poly provides SMBs with more service, in a partnership approach, through their innovative flat-fee model to help them get the right candidate at a price that won't break the bank.

This unique FlatFee IT approach sets Poly apart from the competition in more ways than one. Poly charges a flat rate per search, based on an estimate of hours and level of difficulty. The upfront fee helps lock in a dedicated resource and covers some of the setup costs, while providing a commitment from the client that Poly will have exclusive access to fill the desired role.

"It's not just about the upfront savings," explains Virginia, "We save our clients anywhere from 50-75% compared to traditional recruitment firms. But the real savings is in our consultative approach. We provide our clients with access to advanced sourcing techniques working with the best tools and recruiters in the space, to guide the process and ensure they're meeting with the best available talent every time."

Poly has the data to back up their claims: a staggering 94% of their candidates placed are still on the job 12 months later. 

For more information about the new FlatFee IT model from Poly Tech Talent, including pricing, visit www.polytechtalent.com or contact them directly at 416-440-3362 x200.

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