This Pool Float Doubles As A Beer Pong Table And We Officially Can’t Wait For Summer

Maya McDowell
Photo credit: Amazon

From Delish

Raise your hand if you're awful at beer pong! Okay, same!! My severe lack of aim will not stop me from trying my hand at beer pong in the pool this summer, though. Yes, my friends. Everyone's favorite college pastime is accessible by water with this beer pong table that doubles as pool float from Amazon.

HydraPong, created by a company called Floatation iQ, is a six-foot long pool float with cup holders made to fit your standard 16 oz. solo cups. The mat is two feet wide and 1.5 inches thick, made of tear- and puncture-resistant foam. The colors are my favorite part, to be honest. One side is a light pink, and the other is turquoise.

Photo credit: Floatation iQ

With the mat, you also get four ping pong balls and a "game play rules sheet," in case this is the first time you've ever played BP. According to the description on Amazon, the float is safe to clean with soap and water, so it won't be sticky with beer for the next time you play.

The surface of the floating table is even firm enough to bounce the ping pong balls into the cups, according to one customer, who said they're "VERY happy" with the float. Another reviewer on Amazon said they played in a lake, with the added challenge of the "floating motion on the water."

If you need me this summer, I'll be in the loser's bracket of a pool BP tournament! Cheeeeeers!

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