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Pool toys perfect for kids during summer
Pool toys perfect for kids during summer

Are you tired of your kids being glued to their gadgets? If you’re a parent who’s eager to reduce screen time but not sure how to go about it, getting your child playing outdoors can seem like a far-fetched dream. But let’s be honest, everyone needs a little help sometimes. Convincing a kid to do something they don’t want to do is harder than running a business, and that’s no joke. With our selection of the leading pool toys for 2022, your kids will want to ditch their screens. Sounds unbelievable, right? Well, it certainly won’t hurt to try. Since you already have plenty on your plate, check out this list and find some affordable toys that will keep your wallet happy.

Top Picks

Best overall: Activ Life Pool Toys

A set of pool water bouncing ball
A set of pool water bouncing ball

Ditch your screens and venture outdoors with Activ Life’s skip balls. This pack of two comes with a flattened disk for greater buoyancy on the water. Each ball is designed to float on the surface too, so your kid won’t have to dive after every turn. According to the manufacturer, this beach toy is durably stitched for maximum resistance to wear and tear. This option’s materials are sturdy and can be expected to last a long time. The greatest part? This product also makes the perfect gift. Safe to say, you can give this toy as a present to your little ones and they’ll probably be obsessed in no time. That said, this option is equally suitable for adults who want to play a harmless game of “ball skipping” with their favorite pals.

Key Features:

  • Available in 10 vibrant colors

  • Material: Rubber

  • Textured surface

  • Triple Tech stitching

Most multipurpose: Water Sports Pool Toys

A set of swim thru rings for water sports
A set of swim thru rings for water sports

Not sure how to encourage your kids to swim in that expensive pool you paid for? Take it up a notch with Water Sports’ obstacle rings. This option looks similar to hula hoops, except they’re much more than that. Simply unpack the rings, wait a while for them to inflate, and put them inside the water for some at-home Olympics. While this product may seem pretty basic at first glance, each ring is attached to an air chamber that’s covered in cute imagery. From turtles and fish, this option uses subtle visual quirks to effortlessly lure kids in. Functionality-wise, you can easily adjust the depth of the rings to prevent any unnecessary challenge, which is perfect for avid swimmers who just want to have fun. Another plus? No assembly is required on your end. This product comes ready to use, fully collapsible, and easily storable.

Key Features:

  • Height: 30 inches

  • Weight: 1.1 pounds

  • Available in varied color packaging

  • Zippered storage bag included

Perfect for dive training: JOINBO Pool Toys

A 32 pack summer pool toys from JOINBO
A 32 pack summer pool toys from JOINBO

Make your kid's time in the pool worth every minute with Joinbo’s collection of vibrant sinking toys. The package includes 32 creatively curated pieces that will probably mesmerize your mischievous little angel. To keep things creative, the manufacturer has added a variety of diverse shapes mimicking traditional hard toys. From friendly dive sharks to hollow turtles, there’s plenty to like. What makes this product worth the cost is its great quality and affordable price tag. And because these toys don’t float, they encourage safe diving and advanced swimming skills — under an adult's supervision, of course. But if you’re worried about the surfaces being too abrasive, don’t be! They’re designed to protect against accidental cuts and grazes with their perfectly smooth texture.

Key Features:

  • Storage bag comes included

  • Maximum height 8.6 inches

  • Material: Plastic

  • Suitable for ages 6 and up

Non-toxic materials: Chuchik Pool Toys

A 30 pack swimming pool toys for kids from Chuchik
A 30 pack swimming pool toys for kids from Chuchik

Chuchik’s easy-to-grab target toys are great tools for underwater training. If your kid loves to swim but isn’t consistent with their hobby, these might just be the solution they need. The set consists of various sticks, rounded shapes and rings that help stimulate visual attention. And guess what? With the portable storage bag, you can also teach your kids how to clean up after themselves once they’re done. The bag is also easy on the arms when empty and won’t strain your muscles even when it’s full. But it isn't convenience that earns this option a spot on our list. The high-quality design helps reinforce every parent's peace of mind. For starters, each piece is made of non-toxic ABS material. So when your curious toddler does end up putting these products in their mouth, you won’t have to worry about potential health risks. Overall, these toys offer enough in terms of functionality and aesthetics without leaving much to be desired.

Key Features:

  • Available in 30 and 40 pieces

  • Weight: 2.16 pounds

  • Suitable for ages 3 and up

  • Bag material: Mesh

Perfect for pool parties: GoSports Pool Toys

A basketball hoop swimming pool toys
A basketball hoop swimming pool toys

Why settle for regular basketball when you can shoot hoops in water? Gosports ergonomically designed pro hoop and backboard makes pool parties worth the heat. The package features two inflatable basketballs as well as a pump. Your kids can make your pool their court without breaking any windows since the balls are super lightweight. Similarly, the backboard isn’t super heavy either, but it is sturdy enough to ensure that the game goes on, no matter what. This option takes this one step further by using quality materials for the hoops. The construction of the entire contraption is very rugged and will not break easily. The base is also weighted too, and offers even greater stability when it’s filled with water!

Key Features:

  • 34 x 25-inch backboard

  • 14-inch rim

  • Available in two colors

  • Material: Plastic

How to find your next set of pool toys: A buyer’s guide

Summer without pool toys is a missed opportunity for parents and kids alike. While you may want some well-deserved me-time sipping iced tea on the porch, your kids deserve non-electronic gadgets to keep them busy. Choosing a quality product isn’t as simple as you might think though. There’s a lot to consider if you want to get some value for your investment.

Things to look for in pool toys

1. Smooth edges

Imagine buying pool toys only to watch your child scrape their palm. Unfortunately, cheaper brands don’t pay much attention to abrasive edges that can cause cuts on skin and discourage your child from ever letting go of their iPad. You’re probably wondering how spotting such a defect is even possible when shopping online but don’t worry, there’s a workaround. Just make sure you sift through some customer reviews!

2. Carrying bag

A pool party is fun until it’s over and the parents are left breaking their backs, trying to carry every little thing in their hands. A carrying bag is an absolute essential you shouldn’t compromise on. Some of the best pool toys online include mesh bags. These help ensure that all those pesky drops of water run through, allowing the air to dry the toys so your carpets don’t have to.

3. Affordability

A hard fact all doting adults should know is that pool toys are molded plastic sprayed with paint. No matter how much you want to go the extra mile for your niece or nephew, there’s practically no point in spending a fortune on these products. This doesn’t mean you should compromise on quality and go with the cheapest toys in the market. It just means that you’re likely to find affordable products with equally brilliant aesthetics and durability.

Can pool toys be harmful?

We all know plastic is horrible for the environment, but did you know that it can also harm your toddler? Yes, you read that right. In the massive world of hard toys, it is important to steer clear of toxic plastics. While every manufacturer might not advertise that the materials their products are made of are safe enough, you should always stick to items with “toxin-free” labels.

Age restrictions on pool toys for toddlers and kids

One of the biggest mistakes new parents make is overlooking age restrictions. While there are plenty of products suitable for everyone, certain smaller toys are not appropriate for specified age groups. Due to the dangers of choking, target pool toys are often rated ages 3 and over. These can products can also be toddler-friendly if their size is too large to be accidentally swallowed.

People also asked

Q: How do I clean my toddler’s pool toys?

A: Since pool toys come into contact with water, it is important to keep them clean. The easiest way to ensure there's minimal germ transfer is by washing them with detergent in the sink.

Q: Can I find my kids eco-friendly pool toys online?

A: Yes! Many sustainable companies today make pool toys with eco-friendly materials. There is a downside though, some of these products can be prone to mold growth.

Q: Can my pool toys help build my child’s motor skills?

A: Pool toys are often vibrant and colorful which is why they do have the potential to boost fine motor skills.

Q: Are my pool noodles a health hazard?

A: Pool noodles made with porous materials can trap germs that can potentially make you and your kid sick.