Pools, Splash Pads Begin Opening Up Across Region Starting Memorial Day Weekend

With triple-digit temperatures on the way, families are looking for a place to cool off - and one by one, parks and pools across our area are opening up.

Video Transcript

- And with these hot temperatures across the area, families are looking for a place to cool off.

- Yes, CBS 13's Rachel Wolfe shows us where you can go.

RACHEL WOLFE: Danielle and her 2 and 1/2 year old daughter Rosie were giggling with glee.

- Oh it's amazing. I mean, to see her light up and to be-- This is exciting. Look at-- She's never done that before.

RACHEL WOLFE: Rosie experiencing a splash pad for the first time at North Natoma's Regional Park. They moved here from Brooklyn.

- It was just by luck that we moved here just before everything happened.

RACHEL WOLFE: And spent all of last summer trying to beat the heat, along with the Shipley family.

- It was pretty miserable. Yeah, we mostly just hung out in the backyard and sprayed them with the hose instead.

- Come here

RACHEL WOLFE: Their 1 and 1/2 year old Jackson loving the cool down and playing with other kids.

- Everybody just seems more free. Just more willing to be outside and enjoy it and have her-- just have the kids have a good time.

RACHEL WOLFE: The city of West Sacramento says water conservation measures have been implemented at their splash pads to cut water use by 50% and the schedule is subject to change, all due to state drought guidelines. But pools are another option. The Aquatic Center in Folsom reopens for the first time since March 2020, Saturday. And the Elk Grove Aquatic Center is open this weekend as well. All have COVID protocols from masking to online appointments. Well worth it, says Shipley.

- Happy people make happy people.

RACHEL WOLFE: Getting out and getting back together. After more than a year of staying apart.

- Our sense of normal. So to kind of have that sense of normal again that, you know, we are supposed to be together and this is enjoyable and fun and we can do it safely, thank goodness due to science and having the vaccine.

- The city of Sacramento says that it will open up to 10 pools this summer.