Pop Talk Live: Feb. 22, 2021

In this week's Pop Talk Live, Y108's Kristen Buccigrossi is talking about country music royalty Dolly Parton, the British royal family and much more!

Video Transcript

- Welcome back, everybody. It is time for Pop Talk Live on PTL, where we talk pop culture, the latest music buzz, and also entertainment news.

- And here with what's poppin' this week, 'cause I had to say it--

- You decided to say it.

- --after you [INAUDIBLE] is Kristen Buccigrossi, co-host of the Y'd Awake Morning Show on Y108. I don't know if you caught David saying "what's poppin'," but it was a moment.

KRISTEN BUCCIGROSSI: Yeah, there was a lot of P's in there. I was impressed with it.

- I couldn't resist. I just couldn't.

- Hey, one of David's all-time favorite people is Dolly Parton, and she's making the headlines.

KRISTEN BUCCIGROSSI: She inspired the hairdo today as well. I just-- I couldn't help myself. I had to tease it. Yes. So Dolly-- she was supposed to receive a statue in Tennessee. Legislator down there decided, you know what? This is the year Dolly deserves a statue for all the work that she does. And she declined it saying, you know, really, this isn't the year to be doing this. There's too much going on in the world right now. But if you want to come back to me in a couple years, and you still think I deserve it, then by all means, go ahead and do it.

I mean, she just does so much work for so many people. She donated a million dollars at the beginning of the pandemic to help with the relief efforts and finding research for the cure as well as helping out here at home with her Imagination Library. She's donated over a million dollars to-- or, a million books to kids.

- Yeah.

- Yeah, and that's--

- That's a great program.

- That's going on here in Pittsburgh, too. We've talked about that before. And I love that she-- she said, I'm just going to keep trying to do what I do to help other people. So you know--


KRISTEN BUCCIGROSSI: She is an inspiration, especially-- she was inspired by her dad for the library because he wasn't able to read. So she wanted to make sure that kids were able to read and get that extra little love that she had from reading.

- Aw.

- Yeah, sweet.

- It is.

- She does great work. All right. Hey, let's talk royals. So Meghan and Harry further stepping away from the royal family. And they're talking to Oprah, right?

KRISTEN BUCCIGROSSI: Listen, this started on Friday as what seemed like just a normal story. OK, the royals are now separating ties from their family. Meghan and Harry decided that they were no longer going to take part in the royal job that they had.

And now, it's turned into a little bit of chaos. They decided that they were going to do, in a tell-all special with Oprah that's going to be airing March 7 on CBS-- and now they might have to re-edit it because the queen has stepped in saying that she was blindsided by the whole situation. She is going to be talking to the public now on March 7. And it is just going to be a little bit of chaos.

- Wow.

KRISTEN BUCCIGROSSI: This is like a normal family now just with, like, insanity.

- Only the drama is in the public eye.

- Yes, it's very high-stakes drama.

- My gosh. And Meghan and Harry also know the gender of their baby now, right?

KRISTEN BUCCIGROSSI: Yes. Well, according to some reports, they do. They're not really speaking about it. I think they're going to save that for the Oprah special as well just to drum up a little bit more attention about themselves.

- Oh my gosh. See, I watch "The Crown."

- Yeah.

- And so, you know, with every new development, I all-- I wonder now, like, is this going to be in a future episode on "The Crown"?

- It could be. That's what they all base it on, right?

KRISTEN BUCCIGROSSI: I don't see how it couldn't be, at this point.

- All right.

- We're all so interested.

- Kristen, we always have fun talking to you. Thank you so much for joining us.

KRISTEN BUCCIGROSSI: I always have fun talking to you. You make my Mondays so much better.

- Oh.

- Oh, that's sweet.

- We love to hear that. Kristen, thank you so much. Good to see you--

KRISTEN BUCCIGROSSI: Have a good week.

- --as always.

- And thanks to Kristen of the Y108 Y'd Awake Morning Show for today's Pop Talk Live-- everything that's poppin'.

- And we-- oh my gosh. We're going to talk with her again--

- I'm out of control now.

- --next Monday for the latest on music and entertainment news, and maybe hear David say "poppin'" again.

- Yeah. Oh, you know it.

- Uh-huh.