Pope asks forgiveness for theft of controversial Amazon statues

By Philip Pullella
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    I think it would be the last straw for the Pope if he had the statue at the synod's final Mass.
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    My friend killed himself when all the news of priests behavior broke on the news He was abused at Infant of Prague in Cheektowaga NY and Bishop Malone is not man enough to resign
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    The Catholic clergy seem to do a lot of asking for forgiveness these days.
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    A statue, like a dance or a parable, can evoke deeper meanings and feelings than mere words or music is capable of.
    Michelangelo's Pieta is one such. But with Mary it also depicts Jesus, the son of God.
    Those who stole those statues should certainly condemn this for being a statue of a God.
    No, those whole stole those statues have sin so deeply embedded that they cannot see the beauty, the spiritual message within what is before them, what they read in the bilble or anywhere. God has shielded the Truth and Light from their souls.
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    Salvation is faith plus nothing from us. It's a gift from God that comes with no conditions
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    If you're familiar with the mythology of ancient Rome, and you've read about the founding and beginnings of the Catholic Church in the 4th Century, then you understand exactly why the RC church has all these historical figures that they pray to besides the one true God.
    "I am the Lord your God...You shall have no other gods before me. You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything...You shall not bow down to them or worship them..." Exodus 20
    The Catholic Church violates Commandment Number One in spades.
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    So....confused. It's fine to bow down to idols in your church, bow and pray to them (violating Commandment #2 about not making graven images of anything in heaven - including God/Jesus-) but if "Pagans" do it, it's bad?
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    So here we go again ! WHY THE COMPROMISE AND THE APOLOGIES ? The early Spanish missionaries got rid of ALL IDOLS AND DESTROYED PAGAN SHRINES when they came to the New World----now we get this 'APOLOGY' !------Any Roman Catholic priest who knows about excorcism---Vatican trains new excorcists---would state that these statues are dangerous even to have in one's house. Haiti---is a case study of combining Christainity with Voodism----what a tragedy ! So many Catholics in Haiti and through out Latin America---think it is ok to go to Mass and yet take active part in Santeria and Palohombe ceremonies. I wish that the Archbishop of Constaninople (Pope of the eastern Orthodox churches) would step in and assist Pope Francis to get the Catholic church out of this dangerous decline.
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    I like this pope ! He is the best we had so far . He is trying to reform and and weed out all those unnecessary rules and rituals of the Catholic church and meets so much resistance. The forgetting that Jesus lived a simple life and did not care for all that pomp !
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    Why is it so hard for Christain’s to not worship idols and make graven images? It’s a commandment people.