Pope's Amazon synod proposes married priests, female leaders

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    I know a married priest who came to the Roman Catholic Church after being an Anglican priest. It works for him and his wife.
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    logic rules333
    As long as the married men and female leaders go through the same number of years of study as a current priest, I have no problem with this proposal. If the schooling is less than what current priests are required to undertake, then the result will be watered down "experts" in the Catholic faith, which would be unacceptable.
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    If the clergy celibacy is only a discipline or a tradition why not change it now? Papa Francisco should not be afraid of the conservatives. If he thinks his decision to reverse the celibacy tradition is NOT against any doctrine of the Church he should go ahead.
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    Terry Stevens
    Paul never said you had to be single to be a Christian Leader, he said you would have less tribulations or trails if you were single.
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    There never was a Jewish man 2000 years ago in Palestine whose name was Jesus Christ. 2000 years ago, that name could have been vocally called out by anyone, and no one would have respond. There was a Jewish man back then by the name of Yeshua bar Jonah. He was a Rabbi and a teacher. He had 12 disciples that accompanied him in and around Palestine. Those whom came to accept His teachings were fellow Jews, Greeks, and Romans. It was the Greeks whom ascribed the name Jesus to Yeshua and "Christos) or Savior, to Him as well. The Greeks and Romans worshiped many gods and ascribed to some of them as being part divine and human. Yeshua's Jewish followers did not. They viewed Him as being mortal as them. Back in 1980, a 1st. century tomb found in Jerusalem, contained 10 ossuaries (stone coffins) of which 6 bore inscriptions of the names of Yeshua bar Jonah (English translation of Jesus, Son of Joseph), Maria (Mary, Mother of Yeshua), Mariamene (the name by which Mary Magdalene was known), Matthew, and Judah (Son of Yeshua, or Jesus). The tomb is known as the Tapiot Tomb. Yeshua was married to Mary Magdalene because it was very much a part of Jewish religious heritage for their men to marry and pass on to their progeny their religious and cultural heritage. Had he not been married, those Rabbis' that continuously accosted him would have condemned him for not being married. Mary Magdalene traveled with him on his journeys along with the other women that were married that accompanied their husbands too. Ancient Roman Emperor Constantine during the Council of Nicea, had that fact edited out of the 4 Gospels. He and the Bishops didn't want women to have a prominent role in the Early Christian Church. Constantine ruled over both Pagans and Christians during his reign and they warred against each other. At that time, Christianity was outlawed. Constantine struck a compromise by announcing to his people that he had converted to Christianity and so now made it legal to practice it. The other part of that compromise was to include Pagan traditions or customs and religious rituals in with Christian traditions and religious rituals as are active in Christianity presently. Sunday in Latin, translates to "venerable day of the Sun," and so almost all Christian Churches rest and worship God on a day (Sunday) that God never commanded. From Genesis through Revelation, God commands that the 7th.day (Saturday) for all man to rest upon and worship God. There is nothing holy about Sunday because God didn't make Sunday for rest and holy worship. Saturday points to the True God, Sunday points to Constantine whom took it upon himself to defy God and changed it. Constantine is a man, not God, and since God's Ten Commandments are immutable (no man can change that which God commands), they are are and have been in direct violation of the 4th. Commandment. And they can't say that it only applies to Jews because Judaism had only been around 500 years before Yeshua was born and God first commanded Adam and Eve to observe it and they were not Jewish, let alone Hebrew. God meant for men to marry no matter their profession or station in life.
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    BTW-women were always leaders in the Church beginning with Mary mother of Jesus to these times - mother Teresa, philosopher Stein, many other modern saints
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    Veritatem Loquens
    I am an Eastern Rite Catholic, and we have had married priests from the time when Our Blessed Lord founded His Church upon the Rock of St. Peter and his fellow apostles in union with him to be our source of His sanctifying grace and salvation for salvation. But our priests had to be married before being ordained to the Diaconate and our bishops had to be celibate and chaste and never married in order to be a perfect image of Our Blessed Lord Who was so on earth. However, women can never be ordained. PERIOD because that would be a sin and abomination against the Catholic Faith and Doctrine. If the Patriarch of the West were to allow the ordination of women; it would caused us Eastern Rite Catholics to excommunicate the Church of Rome and declare it in schism and heretic.
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    I agree with the decision by the synod, and with the two steps that Pope Francis is planning forward.
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    I have a better idea, why don't you propose reading the Bible, and stop following some Pope.
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    the primary goal is to spread the gospel to those who have never heard it, and bring those people to Christ. i don't care who does it as long as they are true believers and teaching truth directly from the bible. Enough with the rules and procedures, and all of the things Jesus spoke against. These rules and procedures become stumbling blocks. Billy Graham, Married, Parent, Faithful, True believer, Preached Christ for over 60 years until he died. He did not retire, we pressed on til his last breath. I guess he was useless to God because he was married, and not worthy to do what he did? The priority is Christ alone. Not the colored robe, or a hat, or a proper way to kneel, and stand, or music, or statues, or rosary beads, or vision, or buildings. It is Christ and that is it.