Francis calls clergy abuse summit as issue imperils papacy

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    I am John Doe 63 (Rochester NY). I was 12 yrs old when I was abused in 1976. I will take it to my grave. I did not tell anyone for the following reasons: 1. My Dad would kill the priest and go to jail 2. No one would believe me and I would be shunned at the Catholic school I attended 3. My Parents would give up their faith 4. I was ashamed that it happened to me the list can go on................. During my 30 years of military service I saw some bad things, but none of those events have affected me as much. There is NO CLOSURE, only sadness and torment. Eternally Sad, Master Chief USCG (RET)
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    The prevention will be a detailed program on how to prevent being caught.
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    30 years too late!
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    Prevention? As if the past didn't happen.
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    Undoubtedly Irish altar boys will be present at the meeting
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    Odd how the international criminal court at The Hague is eerily silent but will detain, try, and imprison someone from a third world country. What’s the matter pompous att judges? Too close to home for you?
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    This is why the Reformation happened. Many tried to reform the Catholic church from within and it just didn't work. People had to leave it to find God again. You can't put new wine in old wineskins--they'll break.
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    Jack Tawney
    Instead of calling a summit, call the POLICE!
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    There are a lot of child sexual predators in the Catholic church and someone in the Catholic church knows because for decades priests, bishops, and cardinals who have sexually abused children instead of being brought to justice and imprisoned were covered up by the Catholic church hierarchy and redistributed in the Catholic church system. The Catholic church hierarchy cannot say "we didn't know"
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    A Summit? A prayer or two wishing they did not have to endure this any longer. Say three hail Mary's and call it a good day. Then back to doing nothing. The Vatican seems to be an extremely slow learner.