Popeye’s Backtracks After Firing Pregnant Manager Robbed at Gunpoint

Popeye’s Backtracks After Firing Pregnant Manager Robbed at Gunpoint

Tuesdays are always busy at one Texas Popeye’s location. It’s the night they run a popular special: two pieces of deep-fried chicken for $1.19. 

That’s why shift manager Marissa Holcomb says the register had so much cash in it when she and coworkers were robbed late last month. The masked robbers, who were caught on videotape pointing guns and jumping over the counter, made off with nearly $400.

Soon after the robbery, Holcomb tells Houston television station KHOU-11 that her bosses ordered her to repay the money the thieves took—or else. Some fast-food operators have rules about how much money can be left in the till; if workers don’t bank it into the safe fast enough, they become liable.

“I told them I’m not paying nothing,” Holcomb told the station. “I just had a gun to me. I’m not paying the money.”

In return, Holcomb says, she was fired. The pregnant mom of three was seeking work at other fast-food vendors and speaking out on Wednesday about a policy she says is unfair. 

Then, on Thursday, local operators and Popeye’s corporate offices issued statements of regret to Consumerist, issuing apologies to employees and offering to reinstate Holcomb. 

Holcomb is also being offered $2,000 in back pay—but she told KHOU she’s not sure she wants to go back to work for the chicken chain. 

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