Popeyes employee recorded hitting a teen worker at Georgia restaurant, reports say

Screengrab from @joy105 public Instagram page
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A video of a Popeyes employee hitting a worker behind the restaurant counter left the fast-food company “horrified,” the fast-food chain said on Twitter.

The employee was a manager at a Popeyes in Bainbridge, Georgia, WALB reported. He was later arrested on charges of battery and first-degree cruelty against a child, the outlet reported.

The employee was taken into custody on May 30, according to an arrest report published on Bainbridgega.com.

In the video, the man argues with a female coworker who is on her phone. The argument escalates and the man strikes the girl in the face. Her phone clatters to the ground.

Both workers continue to argue, the video shows, and the teen had one hand raised in front of her in a defensive motion.

Several bystanders intervene and move the man into the restaurant lobby, away from the female worker, who was 17 years old, according to joy105.com.

The argument reportedly started over the female employee attempting to clock out, the outlet reported.

In its tweet, Popeyes said the man was terminated immediately.

“We are absolutely horrified, like the rest of the public,” the company said. “We are working with local authorities and the franchisee to ensure the impacted team member has the support she needs to fully recover.”

McClatchy News reached out to Bainbridge Public Safety for comment on June 2 and was awaiting a response.

Bainbridge is about 128 miles south of Columbus.

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