Popular bakery opening 2nd location in downtown Raleigh

Union Special is getting ready to open a second store in Raleigh after seeing immense success during the pandemic.

Video Transcript

ELAINA ATHANS: A mostly barren, dark storefront on Fayetteville Street will soon be welcoming back customers yet again. You can see the sign here, soon to come, Union Special. The bakery is expanding and opening its second location.

The small business has done well for itself during adverse times. Union Special was in its infancy when COVID-19 hit, just five months old. The owner used to be the executive pastry chef for Ashley Christiansen's restaurants. He broke off and built up his own customer base at the Gateway Plaza location. Folks have been responding well to takeout options, the owner deciding to embark upon a new endeavor downtown and is taking over a space that shut down because of the pandemic.

ANDREW ULLOM: I think the fast, casual, and counter service spot that we have translates really well to takeout only, and so we're very lucky that we had that set up in the beginning. But we've also worked really hard to keep open and to make sure that we can be here.

ELAINA ATHANS: He's getting ready to open as other small businesses are struggling or have already thrown in the towel. Ahead at 5:00 o'clock, what an advocacy group is saying about the opening here and what it represents. For now, in downtown Raleigh, Elaina Athans, ABC 11, Eyewitness News.