Popular Fresno TV anchor catches COVID-19 for a second time. ‘This virus is scary.’

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KSEE24 morning anchor Caroline Collins revealed on social media that she hasn’t been on television the past few days because she is ill with COVID-19.

It’s the second time the TV anchor has caught the coronavirus, Collins says.

“I’ve been off all week with covid,” Collins wrote. “I’m so blessed to be feeling OK? I know this isn’t the case for so many. The last round of COVID I had a year and a half ago put me in the hospital with a heart issue called ‘pericarditis.’

“Pericarditis is when fluid gets in your heart sack. It’s super painful and I’m still dealing with daily pain. Thankfully, it seems OK this time!”

Collins, who could not be reached for comment, says in her social media post that she expects to return on air this week.

Though relatively new to the Fresno market after joining KSEE24 in December 2020, Collins already has the largest social media following among all local media members.

Her TikTok account alone has roughly 293,000 followers and generated more than 30 million views.

Collins often dances in the television studio in her TikTok videos and participates in trendy social media challenges, all while generally acting silly though showcasing her talents and cleverness at the same time.

Collins even made light of her most recent COVID-19 diagnosis in a TikTok video.

“Reporting” about herself while in pajamas, Collins talks about catching the coronavirus in an exaggerated serious tone and with occasional humor.

“It has been confirmed that I’ve tested positive for COVID-19,” Collins says in the video while pretending to use a hair brush as a microphone. “The positive test coming in several nights ago.

“It was followed by a series of phone calls to people who I may have exposed, my boss at KSEE24 News, and, of course, a panic attack.”

Collins goes on to say that the first 48 hours of having COVID-19 was the most challenging; she spent much of that time on her couch.

She also touches on being hospitalized during the first time she contracted the coronavirus in 2020.

“Now this COVID-19 diagnosis is a big concern, being a year and a half ago, I was hospitalized with COVID-19 and developed a heart problem called pericarditis.

“As of now, the pericarditis feels fine, and it doesn’t appear I have any problems related to this COVID-19 diagnosis.”

@carolineontv I’ve been out with covid I finally felt good enough to start making videos again! #umyeah #whenimolder #putmefirst #newsreporter Them Changes - Thundercat

In another social media post, Collins says, “Stay healthy! This virus is so scary.”

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