Popular Tom Cruise TikTok Deepfake Is Uncomfortably Tom Cruise-Like

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Brenton Blanchet
·2 min read
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Image via Getty/Mondadori Portfolio

Over the years, millions have seen Tom Cruise kick some ass on the big screen. Right now, however, it’s the small(er) screen where Cruise is really shining. And it isn’t even him.

A new TikTok account, @DeepTomCruise, has taken the app by storm with a deepfake version of the 58-year-old actor, and amassing over 11 million views and one million likes with just three videos. For fans of fake Tom Cruise playing golf, embarissingly falling on the floor and doing magic tricks, this scarily realisitic deepfake is probably their next Charli D’Amelio. But don’t expect him to bust out the “Say So” dance.

In his first video, which has seen over 900,000 likes alone since Feb. 22, bargain-bin Cruise asks those at home if they’re “cool” with him playing “some sports.” While some may be undertandably uncomfortable watching a knockoff Cruise share a cheeky grin, throw on a sun hat and practice his golf swing, the comment section is going full-out Mission: Impossible to solve this one.

“I’m terrified but commited to this story arch,” one user wrote.

In another video, fake Cruise promises to show fans “some magic,” makes a coin disappear and pledges that it’s “all the real thing.” And due to his shamelessly eerie stare and spot-on chuckle, fans think the deepfake may actually be Tom Cruise pretending not to be Tom Cruise.

“Guys, I think it’s him cuz he has this thing where a front tooth is alligned with the tip of his nose, which is happening in every vid,” one Cruise truther wrote.

While this robot man isn’t actually the Tom Cruise we know and love, his TikTok antics are enough to keep fans patient as the real Cruise preps the upcoming Mission: Impossible 7.

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