Popular vote criticism off-base

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A woman leaves the polling station at Westward Elementary in West Palm Beach after voting Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020.
A woman leaves the polling station at Westward Elementary in West Palm Beach after voting Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020.

Popular vote criticism off-base

Exhibit A for how misinformed so many on the right are: John B Harvie's letter "National popular vote a double-edged sword" and his hypothetical scenario, where Florida voters would be disenfranchised by an election where Democrats win Florida and a Republican wins the popular vote. That's the point. Democrats across America have been disenfranchised year after year by winning the popular vote in this country in all but two elections in the past 20 years, yet have only had one Democratic president, that is, before Jan. 20, 2021. The Electoral College, by design, now always favors Republicans and disenfranchises Democrats, nationwide.

Nelson Solano, Stuart

Principle should trump self-interest in voting

Regarding the National Public Vote movement, a letter writer has wondered how Democrats would feel if a majority of Florida voters voted for the Democratic candidate for president, while the majority of other American voters voted for the Republican. How would the Democrats like it for Florida's Electoral College votes going to the Republican? Isn't the conflict between belief in principles and one's self-interest one of the key factors in what we might call human authenticity? If you belief something is the right thing to do, won't you want to do it even if it is against your self-interest? You might not want to do it but you'll do it anyway because it's the right thing to do.

George Robb, Palm Beach Gardens

'Slow but steady' analogy is a losing proposition

I would like to make reference to a recent letter writer's analog, “Give Biden Time,” with an analogy of my own. The writer makes reference to “slow and steady wins the race.” The race that Biden is in, I would liken to a mile run on a four-lap track. Biden is half-way through the first lap and is in dead last considering what his efforts have accomplished. Another three and a half years of this performance, and he will be lapped a number of times and be in dead last at the finish.

Harry Winkler, West Palm Beach

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