Port of Houston sees record number imports during pandemic

Houstonians are spending and while that's good for the economy, it's causing problems at the nation's biggest port.

Video Transcript

- As people buy, buy, buy to keep busy during the pandemic, cargo ships carrying those things had do to keep up with the demand, which has caused some big backups at the country's biggest ports.

- We've seen a huge demand and surge in e-commerce as a result of COVID.

- Dozens of ships offshore are waiting to unload. A record amount of containers are coming in. And many are having to be shipped back empty. And that comes at a high price.

- Who's going to pay? It's the consumers, it's the manufacturers, and it's the retailers.

- Port Houston, the nation's biggest port, says this has been positive for them. It's their biggest third quarter driven by imports. And they're not seeing the big backups because of investments they've made over the years.

- There's been a tremendous demand of imported cargo in containers across the nation.

- As some ships sit, Port Houston is about to undergo a $1 billion expansion to address the demand for the future.

- Things like buying cranes, TJ, and building more docks, and creating more container yard space so that we can stay ahead of this demand curve.