You won't believe how fast this portable ice machine can make ice

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(Source: Amazon)
(Source: Amazon)

With summer temperatures on the rise, we’re more likely to drink chilled beverages - from iced coffee to cocktails to lemonade to soda. Ice is great to have on hand, but we don’t often realize how much we need it until it runs out. For those without a convenient ice cube maker around, keeping enough ice on hand can often be a real hassle.

This summer, keep your drinks cool with Amazon’s top choice in ice cube makers. In a few short minutes, you’ll have the ice you need need to sip on a cool drink. If you don’t have a working ice cube maker built into your refrigerator, a separate device could be just the thing you need.

Get ice for your summer beverages in minutes with this portable ice cube machine. (Source: Amazon)
Get ice for your summer beverages in minutes with this portable ice cube machine. (Source: Amazon)

Silonn Portable Ice Maker

Amazon’s Choice - One of The Best Selling Ice Makers

Ice cube makers are best used ahead of time to stock up on ice early. However, in the case of this ice cube maker by Silonn, you can easily make nine bullet-shaped ice cubes ready to be dropped in a drink in only six minutes.

It’s not just quick returns with this ice maker - it can hold 2 liters of water at once. With such a large capacity, this ice cube maker is capable of making 26 pounds of ice in only 24 hours. Whether you need ice quick, want to fill up your fridge, or are stocking up a cooler, this ice cube maker can do it all.

It's easy to see why this ice maker is considered one of the best on Amazon. Not only does it have the coveted “Amazon’s Choice Tag” but it also has 4.5 out of 5 available stars. With over 3000 positive 5-star Amazon reviews and 88% total 4-5 star reviews combined, it's no wonder this ice machine is one of the most popular on the site.

Beat the heat this summer with perfectly chilled beverages when you have the Silonn Ice Cube Maker.