Portage County Property Transfers: Home on Ravenna's Woodbend Drive sells for $325,000

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House for sale.
House for sale.

Following is a list of properties that have been bought and sold in Portage County.


  • Yongkai Ren and Hongpei Li to Dino Zebra LLC, 1198 Orchard Ave., $181,000

  • Kymberly A. and Kymberly L. Sellers to Terrence and Deloris Carr, 682 Arbor Way, $530,000

  • Margo Karos to Oluyemi and Phoebe Aderibigbe, 255 Camden Lane, $805,000

  • Mark Glomski to Zhigang Liu and Xiang Li,599 Thornhill Lane, $417,000


  • David and Lynn Matheson to Connor W. Wechter and Katie Sroufe, 78 Howe Road, $230,000

  • James L. Jyurovat to Jenna E. Thonson, 930 Irish Road, $200,000

  • Debra A. Fiorilli to Todd and Jill Covert, 3868 Willow Way, $385,000


  • Ryen W. and Margaret A. Esser to Brandon E. and Annmarie L. Tackett, 2314 Ravenna Road, $190,000

  • Thomas H. Hall and Yang Chen, 7440 Route 43, $269,000


  • Robin L. Stiles to Christopher, Penny and Alex Warren, 1151 Windward Lane, $395,000


  • John P. and Amanda E. Pilarczyk to Jenna Sewell, 11005 Wheeler Road, $280,000


  • Ruby Land LLC to Matthew Woznicki, 6298 Allyn Road, $140,000


  • Russell Brunstetter to Robert F. and Megan Haas, 3240 Rausch Ave., $252,000


  • Portage House II Limited Partnership to Lorraine A. Lake, 548 Walnut St., $210,000

  • Taylor Fredrickson and Chandni Goel to Stephen and Jeanette Brown, 1310 Woodbend Drive, $325,000


  • Douglas R. Leventry to Brianna E. Lanham, 3170 Route 303, $148,000

  • David L. Quist to Shelly Denison, 3071 Polly Road, $134,500


  • Richard L. Giles Jr. and Kristin N. Giles to Matthew J. and Bernadatte H. Crosman, 1430 McLean Ave., $386,000

  • Steven R. and Kelly E. Hunt to Palwinder Singh, 1492 Crescent Drive, $370,000

  • Sarah C. Mayes to John A. Repp, 1493 Crescent Drive, $320,000


  • Daniel V. McDevitt to Adam Todhunter, 61 Kehner Road, $473,000

  • Anthony J. Reiter to Ryan A. Nuttall, 1462 Summerset Drive, $180,000

  • Adam S. Geiger to Brandon T. Messner, 1225 Inglewood Drive, $220,000

Compiled from information from the Portage County Auditor's Office.

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