Porterville mom arrested after baby hospitalized with severe burns

When the baby arrived at the hospital, he or she was unconscious, suffering from seizures, and had second and third-degree burns.

Video Transcript

- Well, breaking right now, the Tulare County sheriff's office has arrested 28-year-old Daisy Magana on child endangerment charges.

Deputies say the Porterville woman took her baby to the hospital with second- and third-degree burns on Monday morning. Magana told detectives that on Sunday, while she was in the shower, the baby's 3-year-old sibling knocked a cup of noodles off the counter and onto the baby.

The mother said-- 1 and 1/2 year old did not have any visible burns until the next day. When the baby arrived at the hospital, it was unconscious and suffering from seizures along with the burns.

The baby has since been admitted to the burn center at a Fresno-area hospital. An investigation is continuing into what happened at the home.