CHP motorcycle officer hospitalized after Fresno Co. crash

Officials say a tractor with a spray rig was eastbound on Ashlan near the shoulder of the road when the CHP officer hit it from behind.

Video Transcript

- Breaking in this morning, an investigation is underway following a crash involving a CHP motorcycle officer in Fresno County.

- It happened in Ashland and McCall shortly before 5:30 this morning. ABC News reporter Elisa Navarro is live at the scene right now with more on what we're learning at this hour and how it could affect your morning commute. Elisa?

ELISA NAVARRO: The California Highway Patrol do have McCall and Ashland avenues blocked off at the moment. Now I'm going to step to the side to show you what it looks like right now. Now CHP responded to this at about 5:23 in the morning, and it's involving a CHP motorcycle officer and a tractor with a spray rig. Now injuries are minor to moderate. Now the CHP officer was transported to CRMC.

And Ashland is closed between McCall and Del Rey, so Quail Lake School is right in the middle of that section and that roadway. So parents and faculty may be forced to take a detour or find another way to get there or find something else to do as they continue investigating this crash. So again, this is just east of Fresno, and they have this area blocked off.

So you might want to be mindful of where you're driving this morning but we're going to stay out here and continue keeping you guys updated with the latest. Live in Fresno County, Elisa Navarro, Action News AM Live.