Portsmouth police seize more than 100 pounds of marijuana, dozen guns at ‘pop-up’ flea market

Portsmouth police say officers seized more than a dozen firearms and 100 pounds of marijuana Wednesday at an illegal “pop-up” flea market on High Street.

The bust happened around 5:45 p.m. inside a storefront in the 600 block of High Street. Officers responded to a report of suspicious activity and were met with unlicensed armed security guards outside, the police department said in a news release. Officers seized 13 firearms, 100 pounds of marijuana and a variety of THC products such as candy.

Photos provided to The Virginian-Pilot by Interim City Manager Mimi Terry show several booths inside the store with various THC products displayed. Some included branded with social media handles.

Terry said the business wasn’t properly permitted and the city is working to “crack down” on such activity. The name and owner of the storefront could not immediately be determined.

The police department said approximately 41 adults were detained during the bust. But no one claimed ownership of the firearms or marijuana and everyone was released without charges, the department said.

Under current Virginia law, it’s illegal to sell marijuana except through licensed dispensaries. It’s legal to have small amounts of marijuana for personal consumption, but possession of a pound or more of marijuana is a felony.