Possible Tornado Hits North Dallas Home

A home in North Dallas was damaged Sunday after a possible tornado moved through the area.

Video Transcript

- A possible tornado, but the impact is real. It damaged a North Texas home. In North Dallas, our Caroline Vandergriff, live there now. That's at North Haven, your Central Expressway. Caroline, those homeowners tonight, what are they saying about all of this?

CAROLINE VANDERGRIFF: Well if you remember, Steve, this area was hit by tornadoes in October of 2019. Just a year and a half later, the people who live here never expected something like that to happen again. You can see the storms tore the roof off of this home, the gutters as well, and sent debris flying all across the yard, across the pool, and into the fence over here by their neighbor's house. It's just scattered everywhere.

You see two by fours, and inside the home, pieces of the ceiling are raining down on the furniture. Now, the woman who lives here told me they were just having brunch with their grandkids. They had just left for about an hour. Then they heard the outdoor sirens went off.

That's when they thought, OK, well, I guess we need to go into the same little bathroom they went in when the first tornado came through. She said her ears started popping. The power went off, and then they heard water start pouring in. And all she could think was not again. She was so emotional when we talked to her.

- I thank God, we're safe again. But yeah, this is trying on your soul. I'll get through it. I'll get through it again. We will get through it again.

- What's different about what happened this time is the couple had actually just sold this home, closed a week ago, and they have bought a new home. The homeowner tells me she feels a lot of guilt that they're kind of really passing this problem on to the next home, where they, of course, have to replace belongings and things like that. But she has a lot of guilt and a lot of pain, because she knows just how difficult it is to rebuild after something like this. It appears this is the only house that really got hit in this area. There is a garden center right across the street that had some damage as well. Steve?

- That garden center, you mentioned, also, facing some damage back in 2019. Just very, very tough for the family. Thank you so much. We appreciate it, Caroline. Also, seeing damage, this is a University Park. Trees crashing down. The fence was blown over as well. This is at Williams Park. Also, at Gore Park, the Parks Department there has now been called in to clean up that debris on both sites.